Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Our personalised knee health concept optimally addresses your needs and goals. 

The starting point for this is a comprehensive initial examination with blood analyses and check-ups. After this, your journey to greater well-being and vitality follows a precisely defined,  individualised path of treatments, therapies, interventional, and nutritional concepts all carefully supervised by our doctors.

Because for us, each guest is quite simply unique.


MODERN knee care 

The teachings of Modern knee Medicine form the foundations of our medical work. We combine decades of knowledge from Professor Gupte with Functional orthodiagnostics and orthoradiology, supplementing this with cutting-edge scientific insights from rehabilitation, injection therapy and surgery. 

The main focus is on nutrition, movement and achieving mental strength.


We work with the very latest technology and innovative scientific methods. Since we always seek the very best for our guests, we keep up to date with the most recent and cutting-edge findings in medicine. The methods employed by us enable precise diagnoses and an ideal course of therapy.



We see ourselves as a companion who stands by your side well beyond your visit at our knee Health Resorts in order to help you maintain what you’ve achieved. On your journey to greater health and well-being, we are always there for you when you need us. 

Both at our Medical knee Resorts in Harley st, and at our day clinics in xxx and xxx and on our global clinic dates. And, of course, we’re also available for you online via our telemedicine service.

Your Journey

Your omknee Health Journey starts with the need for a new and better outlook on your knee. 

The goals can be manifold: biomechanical, weight control, restoring mobility, preventing or healing illnesses and diseases with injections or surgery, strengthening one’s performance.  This is combined with improving the psychology of how you cope with your knee condition or simply a greater sense of ease. 

We offer the option of Advance Diagnostics (MRI, Ultrasound, blood tests) before you even arrive, to ensure the perfect start to your Omknee health recovery program.

During your visit, our highly trained doctors and therapists will support you on your journey to reach your personal health goals. Following a comprehensive history taking and examination, we design a personalized therapy concept tailored to your individual well-being and health. 

The consultation with the doctor and the empathetic care provided by our medical staff form the basis for your personal path to your ideal state of health and the activation of the body’s powers of self-healing.

Our support goes well beyond your visit to Omknee. 

We continue to support our guests even after their departure with our expertise and motivate and provide new impulses, even in their day-to-day life at home.

Nutrition and supplements

The Omknee nutritional supplement culture forms a significant part of our holistic concept. Intolerances and stress factors are medically analyzed on an individual basis. A personal nutrition plan is then put together on the basis of this analysis. The omknee supplement regime consists of high-quality, carefully prepared ingredients. It is designed to balance out the acid-alkaline ratio in the body and is the key to better digestion, detoxification and a better quality of life.