Our Philosophy

In our Omknee Health Concept, holistic diagnostics and personalised medicine are the fundamental pillars. With our integrated programs, we create the foundation – both physically and mentally – for increasing the performance of your knee. Our philosophy is to utilise the latest evidence to explore the self healing powers of the knee first, resorting to interventional therapies such as injections or surgery only when they are felt to have a high chance of success.

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    The teachings of modern knee medicine and biomechanics form the foundations of our treatments. We combine decades of knowledge from Professor Gupte with functional orthodiagnostics and orthoradiology, supplementing this with cutting-edge scientific insights from rehabilitation, injection therapy and surgery. 

    The main focus is on nutrition, movement and achieving mental strength.


    We work with the very latest technology and innovative scientific methods. Since we always seek the very best for our guests, we keep up to date with the most recent and cutting-edge findings in medicine. The methods employed by us enable precise diagnoses and an ideal course of therapy.


    We see ourselves as a companion who stands by your side well beyond your visit at our knee clinics, in order to help you maintain what you’ve achieved. On your journey to greater health and well-being, we are always there for you when you need us. 

    And, of course, we’re also available for you online via our telemedicine service.

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